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Jessica Carmen Guevara, or SquidFearCity (SFC)


Two words to describe Jessica Carmen Guevara's Art:

Organized Chaos

Jessica Guevara is a Graffiti-Pop artist who wants to create her own reality through her art. She signs her art SFC, which stands for Squid Fear City. This is both her tagging name and the name of her reality or the place where her thoughts and feelings live.

She believes emotion is more accurately decribed through cartoon expression. Jessica's artwork is bright and colorful but when you look closer, the viewer is pulled into a world of catastrophe and calamity. Her artowork is inspired by mankind's desire to express itself.

Check out the news feed artices to read more about Jessica or follow her on facebook at facebook.com/squidfearcity

To see more art click here: SquidFearCityArt

To buy a Squid Fear City origional work of art, please visit the gallery or call us at:

(863) 409-5771

Horrible Realization

Inner turmoil

 in the beginning
 What is love  when things go wrong  I owe the man