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Lin Yang

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Lin Yang

Artist reception August. 1st

The Artist

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Lin Yang was born in Jiangyin, China. As a child Lin had a natural ability to draw, but at that time, scholastic achievements were the focus and the direction that Lin pursued. It was years later that one day her six year old son had asked her to draw a picture of a toy figurine. What happened next was a surprise to her Family. The picture she drew was an exact representation of the toy. That is when Lin recognized that she had a natural ability to draw and began to develop her talent.

She began to study and read everything she could find about drawing, painting, mediums, techniques.Lin became a sponge absorbing all that she could to refine her natural talent.

Today Lin is a capable Artist, principally working in oil, but not limited to one discipline. Pencil, pen, charcoal or pastels are all in her comfort zone. She started to paint in oil in 2012. Lin has found that working with oil paint allows her the freedom to capture the truth of given moment in light and color. Lin believes that the vibrancy of insightfully depicted light makes strong pictures. Thus light is an important element of Lin’s paintings.

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