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Squid Fear City (Jessica Guevara) 


What is Squid Fear City? It is my tagging name. As a Graffiti Pop Artist, I decided to choose a name that more accurately described me and my art. Two words to describe my process: Organized Chaos. I like process and connective reasoning, but before I can get to that point, I need chaos. I start with instinct, the natural flow of thoughts, working on a more subconscious level, piles of papers with millions of doodles and scribbles. Some people ask me, What are you doing? And I often have to respond, I don’t know. I often don't know what I'm doing or why I'm doing it until it has been organized into a painting and then re-examined. It's almost like discovering or analyzing someone else's artwork.Cartoon expressionism is still the most accurate way for me to express myself and to explore my own subconscious thoughts.
 As a modern artist, many people question if your art is real art. What most people don't understand is art is like poetry. Maybe you like poems that rhyme and make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. The equivalent might be a realistic landscape painting with flowers and a lovely woman to look at. My art is real life, it speaks true emotions and thoughts which are not always pretty, they might not rhyme, but they are real, and like all great poetry, if you listen, they will speak to you.


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