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Jessica Carmen Guevara

Artist reception October 3rd

Guevera 2014The Artist

Jessica Guevara was born in San Diego, California but lived most of her life in south Florida. Jessica's passion for art began as a young child and in second grade she officially decided to become a professional artist. Jessica received her bachelor's degree in fine arts from Brigham Young University in Utah. After graduation, she moved back to Florida, met the love of her life, got married and had their first child. As the dust from the whirlwind of life events started to settle, Jessica began creating art again with greater passion and velocity, rediscovering her child-like enthusiasm and creativity.

Jessica's art show "SCREAM" was inspired by her desire to express the anxiety caused by the five things that she believes causes turmoil in life-School, Career, Relationships, Existance and Money. Her art is bright and inviting but when you look closer, the viewer realizes that all is not well in the land of cartoons. Calamity and catastrophe clammier for every space in the enourmous canvases in her latest show "SCREAM".

Jessica believes emotion is more accuratly decribed through cartoon expression. Her artwork is inspired by mankind's desire to express himself.

Horrible Realization

Inner turmoil

 in the beginning
 What is love  when things go wrong  I owe the man