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Aaron Adams

Artist reception September 5th

Aaron Adams                      The Artist

Aaron Adams was born in Elyria, Ohio in 1981, but spent most of his childhood and early adult life in Michigan.  Aaron received a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from Kendall College of Art and Design; however, Aaron developed his passion for art after college while living and working within a network of local artists out of Grand Rapids, MI.

Aaron now resides in Lakeland, Florida where he painted this collection of works titled, "Logos".  The title, "Logos" was selected because it is the "Words" spoken by historical figures who have inspired Aaron and whose work and social action have left a lasting impression on our contemporary landscape.

Aaron as an artist is interested in people and the human experience. His artwork is inspired by these everyday heroes and their human plight.

Howard Zinn
George Carlin 
Emma Goldman 
Nina Simone Woody Guthrie  Charles Bukowski