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Rachel Brame

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Biokaleidoscopic by:

Rachel Brame

Artist reception June. 6th



The Artist 

DSCI0386 - CopyFlorida artist Rachel Brame’s creative style is focused on exploring the boundaries of Color Theory and design. Her style is defined by the use of heavy outlines, bright colors, iridescence, flowing lines, and a variety of intricate forms. She prefers working in mediums of pen and ink, as well as acrylic paint. Her wide scope of subject matter ranges from various experiments in pattern design, graffiti and cartoons, as well as to studying oceanic and marine life, fossils, plants, and ancient cultures. Studying the foundations of art along with its history, Rachel draws heavy inspiration from several art movements including Art Deco, Nouveau, Fauvism, Surrealism, Expressionism, and Pop Art (psychedelic and conventional). Growing up in the D.C. Metro area, she has a particular fascination for multicultural diversity resulting in worldwide influences ranging from South and Central America, India and Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Maghreb, as well as the spectrum of other countries through Africa. By the age of 13, Rachel’s interest in poster art sparked an inner compulsion for using bright colors influencing her style.

IMG 1234Rachel began a picture framing apprenticeship in 2000 while attending high school in Maryland, and in 2008, started her own art and framing business R&R Artwork LLC in the Tampa region. She earned her Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree from USF in 2012. Being attune to the benefits of interdisciplinary knowledge she continues to focus on widening bridges between the concentration of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) with the Arts (STEAM). Rachel has designed the cover art for several book publications, and worked as an artistic collaborator on a variety of published earth science educational posters. Her art is currently displayed at the St. Pete Times Forum for the 2013-14 Tampa Bay Lightning hockey season.  In February 2014 Rachel displayed three original pieces in the Tampa Museum of Art with half the proceeds of the sales going towards charitable contributions for the Gasparilla Music Festival Foundation. She continues to show her work in local galleries and businesses in the Tampa region and beyond.


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Biokaleidoscopic Presented by: Rachel Brame

Artist Statement

As an artist I have always been fascinated by aesthetic beauty of organic patterns and am constantly in awe of the Earth’s natural environment and the symbolism it can represent. An obsession with abstract doodling has gripped me since my youth. My work often focuses on biologic patterns of flowers and other plants, and in contrast, also reflects a general intrigue in ocean life. My work explores the anatomy of fossils and modern creatures, animals’ camouflage, botany, colorful gradients, the geometry of minerals, and the metamorphosis of rocks. A historical geology class in college put it all in perspective for me.  Each piece in this collection is related through repetition, symmetry, and organic forms weather plant, animal, or fossil. While exploring the vastness and diversity of nature through prehistoric time to the present, I combine various related organisms into collages based on the patterns and shapes of what new life I discover. There are no international boundaries attached to the limits of where my influences or references come from. Mostly, I hope my art envelopes the viewer in a momentary imaginative space, and that it serves to energize and inspire.